• Question: what happens when you freeze crystals and what does that look like ?

    Asked by Rebekahxxx<3 to Alice on 3 Nov 2018. This question was also asked by SabaA, slenderman, 643cryp23, MychXel.
    • Photo: Alice Loasby

      Alice Loasby answered on 3 Nov 2018:

      That’s a fantastic question! We freeze our crystals in tiny loops. These are attached to a pin, which fit to a magnetic holder. We pick them up from tiny drops, and freeze them in liquid nitrogen into a puck (and yes it does look like a hockey puck a bit!) which holds 16 pins. Then that puck is put in a holder and transported to the beam line at diamond light source where we shoot them. There a robot can then pick the pins out of the pucks and attaches them to a goniometer, which allows us to rotate them in the beam. If you are really interested in what the set up looks like, have a look at the Diamond website: